Monday, 26 February 2007

Introducing the new TomeRaider 3.5 Pocket PC Beta

Last summer we released a new version of TomeRaider that had a very innovative new interface. We took out the toolbar and made the scrollbar do all the work. In terms of design ergonomics is was state, but, it seems, that people didn't like the way it looked so bland. And you know, with hindsight, they are right.

So we went back to the drawing screen and now are happy to announce the all new redesigned TomeRaider 3.5, available first for Pocket PC and WM5.

Really we should call this TomeRaider 4 but we like the TR3 icon too much and don’t want to confuse by naming, or not naming, .tr3 files to .tr4 files.

With TomeRaider 3.5 we have simplified the interface at the front and made good use of Drop up menus and scroll lists – in this version you should never need to leave the page view.

What’s new:

  • Total Interface rewrite. We have come up with what we think is the close to perfect interface for big file browsing. It still works great on smaller ebooks but on the 1.3 million entry Wikipedia or the IMDB TR3 file it really shines.
  • Aesthetic Improvements. The last version worked well but nobody liked it stark UI. We are back to pretty with 3.5.
  • In page index list. This is a huge advance. No more zipping back between page view and index view. You can now navigate the file from within the page using the pop up index list.
  • Elastic Scroll bar. This is like in Picassia, it works really well on large files. There is no point having a traditional scroll bar when you have a million plus entries because one pixel equates to tens of thousands of entries.
  • In page find. Sadly missing from the last versions you can now jump to any page just by typing the name. This was in version 1 and 2 of TomeRaider and its reintroduction changes the app quite significantly.
  • Much better ergonomics. Try it, you will see what we mean.
  • In page history view. Like the in page index list ect.

You can download the TomeRaider 3.5 beta from here or the non beta older uglier and less cool version from


geertleon said...

Kudos for a great eBook reader! But how come the price went up to $38 from a mere $20? And the latter is still mentioned in most tr3 files.

Pär Tegenfeldt said...

The option "Open last page" is very useful, You don't need to use bookmarks all the time :)

But scolling down in a text has become harder as You can't tap and drag, You have to use the scollbar :(

Milan said...

I liked 3 full screen version a lot. No tap and drag, me sad :-(. And still CAN'T copy out any text.

patrick said...

I'm very happy with the 3.5Beta. The problem, for me, with the previous full-screen version is that I have a Dell Axim x51v; I use Magic Button. And Magic Button allows me to toggle easily between apps.

Back with the full screen version, to use Wikipedia (TomeRadier) I'd have to open it up; etc. But then to get back to any of my other apps, I had to fully close Wiki/TR.

When in fact I wanted to leave it open and quickly return to it.

Which was impossible.

Put back in full-screen if you like, but make it an option.


burepe said...

I installed tomeraider3 for ppc and I have tried to open several .tr3 files, but all of them give me the "Failed to open file" "The file is either old or write protected". error.

I found two posts on forums where people have the same problem. One of them said if you put the files in the main memory it will work. Unfortunately, I want to use wikipedia and it is too big. Please let me know if you can fix the problem.

Mat Ripley said...

Those errors are because its a TR2 file I think. Try upgrading the TR2 file by opening in TR windows:)

Bentley said...

Great to see improvements continue!

Is there likely to be a revised Palm version as well?

Sebastian said...

My old registration key is not workin g with this version. I purchased tomeraider3 last year....?

Stephan said...

When is the windows smartphone edition of tr3.5 planned?

Jack said...

Echoing Stephen, I am wondering when the windows smartphone edition version is coming. I am hating myself for buying a Dash right now, since practically no apps seem to work on it.

aiya said...

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