Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Introducing: The CIA World FactBook 2006 in TomeRaider format.

The CIA world fact book is one of my favorite TomeRaider files. It lists loads of information on every country and region in the the world, in a nicely homogenized way. Unlike the Wikipedia entries for countries, the CIA World Factbook is pure information.

The CIA World fact book in TomeRaider format has flags and maps for each country.

Country Categories

In the our version we have added categories that can be used by TomeRaider’s filtering engine. These are kind of fun to play with – you can build up complex filters using: Area, population, GDP, Debt, Life expectancy, Litteracy, Religion and some other fields. OK, maybe "fun" is the wrong word:)

Download this 6 meg TR3 file from here

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David said...

The link point to CIA World FactBook 2004 not 2006.