Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Introducing the New Internet Movie Database (IMDB) TomeRaider files

Before the Wikipedia TomeRaider files started being released a few years back, the IMDB files were our most popular TomeRaider files by a long long shot.

When we first released the TR IMDB it was about ten megs – this was in the days when a 32 meg flash card was considered pretty chunky. At the time only the Psion version for TomeRaider was available and that had, as direct competition Halliwells from Palmtop Software (Who I used to work for Palmtop, great company, since gone on making a mint rebranding as TomTom.).

I remember how back then the IMDB really was considered inferior but now… jeepers… is Haliwell’s still going? Even St Mark Kermode makes many references to it.

We are going to start releasing the new versions of the IMDB TomeRaider files every month or two, at least. Its all automated in house now so there is no excuse not to.

The new IMDB TomeRaider files:

  • English Movies after 1960 – Plot summaries, actors actress etc. Lots of info. We have taken the
  • English Movies after 2005 – Plot summaries, actors actress etc. Lots of info. Ideal for those interested in new films rather than your full on moovos
  • English Movies Full – This is the big boy. 52 Megs
  • TV Shows – The IMDB has a huge TV show section and we have put this in a separate TomeRaider file.


  • We have taken the quotes and goofs out now. It seems that people who contribute to the IMDB think that quotes mean anything from the film rather than the really memorable or special ones. They just make the files messy and "quote heavy". Let us know if this is not a good move.
  • The English language versions don’t have details on films like Apocalypto.


Tari Akpodiete said...

Both this file, and the Wikipedia files are amazing. Online, those are 2 of the sites I visit the most, and it's great to have robust mobile versions. Thanks for bring them to handhelds.

bopArt said...

Am I taking crazy pills, or do these downloads have little in them EXCEPT the goofs and the quotes?

For example, the "big 52meg" file is actually 80+ meg and has no trivia, just goofs and quotes.

Am I doing something wrong?

Paul said...

Good stuff. The last very was very quote heavy. I'm glad you removed them.

bopArt said...

Hi guys, are you working on any newer IMDB files for us? This and Wiki files are fantastic resources. Thanks

aiya said...

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