Tuesday, 26 June 2007

TomeRaider gets 5 out of 6 in August 07 PC Pro Mag

TomeRaider has been getting great reviews in paper mags for years but it's been at least two since it was last reviewed on paper (that we know of). So it's proud news for us and TomeRaider that we just got reviewed in the prestigious PC Pro Mag Stars. And we got five stars! Wooooo-hoooooo!

Described at "it means you can carry a mind boggling amount of data around with you" and "Its a powerful and great-value application".

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geert said...

Tomeraider 3.5? 3 . 5 ???
Where can I get that? I seem to be running version 3.5 beta on PPC. Are they the same? Why doesn't Tomeraider finally learn to properly label their releases? It's a mess!
(And yes I did buy the software at proporta.com, both the PC and PPC version, so I hope to be entitled to a free upgrade).