Wednesday, 9 September 2009

TomeRaider 4 For Iphone is Now Live on Appstore


Its been a long time coming. We have battled with development issues and delays and then when it was ready we had to do the long Apple Appstore wait... weeks.. then new changes needed. Then ore weeks.

Now, at last TomeRaider is available on the iPhone for a discounted price while we get it all together. There are new features planned and we are working on bringing many of the thousands of freely available TomeRaider ebooks into the new iPhone versions online Library.

Its very early days, but we are on out way:)

If you would like the App then simply search for "Tomeraider" in the Appstore.



Kimmo said...

You guys are now one TR4 download richer now that I bought the app :) Will you be providing a Wikipedia .TR file compatible with the app? Or is the old TR3 file compatible too?

alpilotx said...

I am thinking about purchasing TomeRaider for iPhone as I know its power from earlier days (on old PPC's). Now, the only thing that holds me back is, that there are too few informations around about how the future of the reader looks. What I would really like to know is, how the plans look for more content (more books)? If for example there would be a nice, big (2-4 GB) WikiPedia for TR4 on iPhone, that alone would be reason enough for me to purchase the reader (as I know, how well TR copes with refenrence books of that size).

simonthehappypig said...

I created some .TR3 files for use on PPCs. Will I be able to read these on the iPhone using TR4? (I still have the associated .txt files if that helps)

If not, this would be a BIG disadvantage for me.

Pierre said...

I miss the possibility to upload my own TR-files to the iphone...

Alex said...

Will a TR4 version of Wikipedia be available soon? That alone will make me buy TR4 in an instant!

hmb said...

Until now, the tr4 is very dissapointing. Maybe not because of its functionality. I could not test it now, since there are no (NO!) interesting files. I could not find a way to upload my own tr3 files or to use downloaded tr3 files from the web (fx. wikipedia). I asked the support and did not get an answer. Maybe there is a way to use tr3 files, maybe not.

My conclusion: The finest reader has no worth, when you can read nothing. There are only 25 files for free download!

If yadabyte wants to sell this software something has to be done!