Thursday, 14 January 2010

TomeRaider and Yadabyte News and Request

Hi Folks

I am now running as a one man show whilst also trying to be a Writer, which is what I have always wanted to be.

If you would like to help with the further development of TomeRaider please contact me here.

If you have an Iphone then why not buy my one dollar App, TomeRaider, from the iTunes App store:) It's a great Iphone app! When it has a bit more support I will be able to continue its development.


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Larry said...

I've bought the T4 app, which I'm now using on my ipod touch, and I'm eagerly awaiting a port of the wikipedia to the T4 format, so that I can always have it with me in my pocket. I'm a long time user of T3 on my palm treo 650, which is getting a little long in the tooth, and may be exchanged for a palm pre sometime in the near future.....again...thanks for keeping Tome raider going...the best application for searching the wikipedia!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mat,

I'ver also bought your App. And I like it a lot. However, I'm a bit disappointed about the lack of books.... especially the absence of wikipedia, which Tomeraider is the perfect Tool for.
I think, if you could get Wikipedia out for TR, it would make it one of the Top-Ten selling Apps in the Appstore. As you can read on Blog-Comments - and a lot of internet forums - there is quite a lot of demand for an offline wikipedia. And the only existing possibility (encyclopedia) sucks! Just read the comments in the AppStore about it!


Gannett said...

Looking forward to having IMDB in my pocket again like I used to have on my Psion 5MX.
The IMDB app is usable only when online. The Tome version had all the text and data needed for pub and friend discussions.