Thursday, 22 March 2007

Internet Movie Database| New TomeRadier Files

We have just released the newest cuts of the Internet Movie Database TR3 files. The last ones we did had some omissions, sorry about that., all fixed now:)

The new IMDB TomeRaider files:

  • English Movies after 1960 – Plot summaries, actors actress etc. Lots of info. We have taken the
  • English Movies after 2005 – Plot summaries, actors actress etc. Lots of info. Ideal for those interested in new films rather than your full on moovos
  • English Movies Full – This is the big boy. 128 Megs
  • TV Shows – The IMDB has a huge TV show section and we have put this in a separate TomeRaider file.

1 comment:

Dan said...

Thanks for continued updates. This one still has the quotes in which seem to just take up space and provide very little info. The inclusion of the goofs is still good. Hover, the new files have omitted the user ratings which I found very useful in deciding which films to watch. It would be great if these good be put back for the next update.