Thursday, 22 March 2007

New TomeRaider File: The Wiktionary Dictionary Complete

I have been looking at dictionaries because of TomeRaider for a very long time… and before TomeRaider I have always been fascinated by words. For me the mark of a good dictionary is the one with my two favorite words in. Basically, if it doesn’t have these... I don’t wanna know.

The Witionary is the Wikipedia version of a Dictionary. Peer written and reviewed. Its an excellent dictionary that in my mind surpasses Wordnet,, Encarta etc … but not the noble OED. I have the full OED in paper, and though I haven’t touched it for probably 3 years it’s a thing of lexicographical beauty.

Anyways enough rambling … you can download the 35 meg Wiktionary file in TomeRaider format here.

A word of warning there are some weird formatting structures from the original text which we haven’t yet removed. It’s a work in progress. And yes it does contained my two favorite words… abacinate and pleached…


vovo2007 said...

Great dictionary !
With it and wikipédia,
tr3 is now a vital piece in my PPC !
Do you plan to build Wiktionary in
others languages, like French...
Thanks and Bravo

Mat Ripley said...

Hi Vovo

Thanks for the comps:) Yes we do plan to do other versions of the Wikitionary.... or someone else could for us:P



vovo2007 said...

Hi Again
I worked few months ago with Erik Zachte on a new perl script for the last Wikipédia templates.
After two months of builds and corrections, my French Wikipédia with pictures (1.6 Gb !) if very nice.
I find nothing bad with the new TomeRaider 3.5 ! (HREF="#... will be cool)
So if i can help on a French version on the Wiktionary, it will be with pleasure.

eAi said...

Can you release a converter to convert from the wikipedia xml format to tr format?