Thursday, 6 March 2008

New Yadabot Command Word: reminder

We a have released a new command for Yadabot, Reminder. It should be pretty handy.

Simply say reminder, the string and when and it will send you a reminder when. Unlike most of the other command words here we have coded this ourselves, so there may be more glitches than when coded by Das Google.

Some examples of "reminder" command:

remind this is a test in 30 seconds
rem book holiday on 3 weeks
rem this is a test on 3 weeks 3:30 pm
rem this is a test in next Sunday
rem this is a test on next Sunday 4:40 am
rem this is a test on day after tomorrow 4:40 am
remind EGGS EGGS! in 200 seconds

We will shortly be adding an email "backup" and maybe SMS

1 comment:

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