Thursday, 6 March 2008

New Yadabot Command Word: "rtm" is, in my view, the best online task manager, by a long shot.

I have tried many and we have designed a fair few variants, but rtm is super. It's just so simple, powerful and easy to share with others. We use it in work for all of the stuff that doesn't require its own project structure.

Many people use it for non-work and domestic tasks, hence the unusual name:)

Anyways, I won't try to sell it to you any more, sign up - its free and see if it suits your thing....

...If it does, then you will be very pleased to say that we have just added a rtm command to yadabot.

If I say to my yadabot:

rtm call bob hoskins

Then the "call bob hoskins" task will be added instantly to my task inbox.

Important Notes
  1. When you first use the rtm command it will give you a URL in the message window on, this is a service provided by the good people at to allow secure linking with 3rd parties.
  2. We are planning on adding more Yadabot/ integration as we go

Incidentally, we have made a decision with the "active commands" we are designing - commands that do something rather than just tell you something - that they will not be destructive.

So no Yadabot command will never delete anything or remove anything in whatever systems we eventually link with. Deleting is best done in the browser:)



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